Mente Autism helps relax the minds of children with autism


Mente Autism holds CE Medical certification. FDA review of Mente Autism is under way. AAT is ISO 13485 certified.



An award-winning medical system to help children on the autism spectrum

Mente Autism uses award-winning technology to help relax the minds of children with autism, enabling them to focus better and engage positively with their environment.

Mente Autism is an easy-to-use, effective neurofeedback system for safe home use by children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). It consists of a headband, an application (app) and a cloud component. Its unique technology creates “tailor-made” sonified neurofeedback for the children who use it.

After each 40-minute morning therapy session, the user can upload the data by synchronising the app (using an Internet connection). Using this data, the Mente Autism cloud service generates a report that records and measures the child’s progress. Each session report can be viewed online or within the app.
It is ideal to start using Mente Autism between 3 and 12 years of age. Positive effects are typically seen after four to eight weeks of daily 40-minute morning sessions.



Excessive delta and theta have been recorded numerous times in children with ASD. Mente Autism focuses on reducing delta and theta levels recorded from these channels through neurofeedback in the form of auditory stimulation.

The brain’s delta waves are associated with sleep and closed eyes. People with autism experience high frequencies of delta brainwaves even when they are awake. As a result, children on the autism spectrum are often isolated in their own world. Theta is most commonly studied in relation to memory processes. Alpha waves are present in relaxed awake individuals, and are associated with precise timing of sensory and cognitive inhibition. Beta waves are associated with alertness, active task management, and motor behaviour. Finally, gamma waves, present during working-memory matching and a variety of early sensory responses, are believed to facilitate feature binding in sensory processing. Through analysis of common patterns in EEG frequency bands in children with ASD when compared to typically developing children, any abnormalities can serve as ASD biomarkers.

Electroencephalography (EEG) is a proven technique to record brain activities in natural settings. A problem often encountered is that EEG signals may be contaminated by ocular artefacts such as eye blink activities. To achieve satisfactory cleaning of the raw EEG signal from eye-blink artefacts, Mente Autism uses a series of algorithms that are applied in real-time, are window-based and conform with already-established methods of sampling and filtering.

Mente Autism uses a specialized system to read the user’s brain activity to identify and suppress abnormally high delta and theta brainwaves. It does this by creating personalized auditory stimulation to reduce unwanted signals. This can be compared to noise-reduction headphones, which create counter-noise to eliminate undesirable external noise. The reduction in the users’ delta brainwaves via this daily therapy helps relax the user’s mind which in turn brings about enhanced concentration and communication.

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What are the benefits of using Mente Autism?

Mente Autism is a therapy to relax the minds of children on the autism spectrum, which in turn helps facilitate and improve the child’s communication, attention and interaction abilities. The therapeutic effects are evident over time, and – as ASD is a spectrum of disorders – these vary from person to person. As a baseline, a minimum of 4 to 8 weeks is required to adapt to the therapy and for noticeable changes to be recorded.

Benefits observed by parents and carers include:


Improved communications skills

Users tend to initiate and engage more in conversations, while maintaining more eye contact


Improved behaviour

Tantrums and episodes of agitation are reduced and increase in moments of relaxation is observed


Longer attention spans

Attentiveness is seen to increase as user progress with their Mente Autism sessions


Longer times of actual learning

Mente Autism users exhibit greater focus allowing them to better absorb learning and to participate more fully in educational and developmental sessions.


Enhanced creativity

Creativity is seen to increase as children are able to maintain role-playing games with ease

“We have noticed that she is doing better at school. I have already recommended Mente to others because we really saw a change in her.”

Julie Ellul, Parent of a 4-year-old girl, 10 months’ usage

This testimonial refers to the previous version of Mente.


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