World's only personalised neurofeedback therapy proven to help those on the autism spectrum.


Clinically proven to help ASD children relax    Designed for home-use    CE Medical certification   

How it works

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Listen with the Mente headband

Mente uses personalised audio feedback and earphones to gently guide the brain into a more relaxed state. Based on autism research and a successful clinical trial, Mente is a soft, easy to use and portable headband that was developed to help those on the autism spectrum improve their ability to relax.

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Enjoy Mente therapy every day

Mente’s daily 40-minute sessions are personalised to your current brain activity and have been designed to minimise any disruption to your daily routine, allowing a user to continue with quiet activities (reading, drawing, school work etc) whilst still receiving the therapeutic benefits. This makes Mente perfect for use both at home and within an educational setting!

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See the results

Mente uses personalised audio feedback and earphones to gently guide the brain into a more relaxed state. Mente algorithms are designed to rebalance excessive activation of low and high-frequency brainwaves, such a Delta and Beta, which has been shown to help with inattention, hyperactivity, obsession, anxiety, as well as sleep regulation.

Autism Research shows how Mente can help

Based on a clinical study published in the July 2018 issue of the prestigious journal Frontiers in Neurology it helps children with the mitigation of autistic symptoms as well as the promotion of pro-social behaviours, better communication, relaxation and improvements in cognitive skills. It is currently in its 4th iteration and there are families who have been using the device for 5 years. Mente is a medical device being used as a therapeutic tool for symptoms associated with ASD in more than 15 countries worldwide.

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Mente certifications:

Mente is registered as a general biofeedback device in the US. The intended use of Mente Autism for children with ASD is not yet cleared in the US.