What is Mente?

Mente is the world’s only personalised neurofeedback therapy proven to help those on the autism spectrum self-regulate attention and mood.

How does Mente work?

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Listen with the Mente headband

Mente uses personalised audio feedback and earphones to gently guide the brain into a more relaxed state. Based on autism research and a successful clinical trial, Mente is a soft, easy to use and portable headband that was developed to help those on the autism spectrum better self-regulate attention and mood. 

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Enjoy Mente therapy every day

Mente’s daily 40-minute sessions are personalised to your current brain activity and have been designed to minimise any disruption to your daily routine, allowing a user to continue with quiet activities (reading, drawing, school work etc) whilst still receiving the therapeutic benefits. This makes Mente perfect for use both at home and within an educational setting!

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See the results

Mente uses personalised audio feedback and earphones to gently guide the brain into a more relaxed state, allowing users to focus better and engage more positively with their environment.  Mente algorithms are designed to rebalance excessive activation of low and high-frequency brainwaves, such a Delta and Beta, which has been shown to help with inattention, hyperactivity, obsession, anxiety, as well as sleep regulation. 

Who can benefit?

Research reported that:

  • an excess of Theta and Delta brainwaves can lead to inattention, impulsivity and hyperactivity, and a detachment from the outside world.
  • an excess of high Beta brainwaves can be associated with obsessing, over-focusing, anxiety, sleep and memory problems.

Mente is designed to help rebalance such brain dysfunctional profiles typically observed among neurodevelopmental disorders and learning issues.

What do teachers and parents say about Mente?

How can I order a Mente device for my school?

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