What is Mente?

Mente is a home-based tool that can enhance compliance and boost treatment outcomes for patients.

Mente is medical standard in the field of home-based Neurofeedback therapy that is personalised to the patient and integrated within your clinical practice. It allows complete scalability in terms of number of sessions and administrations.

  • This home-based treatment increases the likelihood of compliance and supports clients that may not always be able to attend sessions —a benefit, especially to ASD patients.
  • Mente is a complementary training that does not preclude other forms of treatment, such as therapeutic or psychopharmacological treatments.
  • Mente has not reported potentially harmful side effects to patients.
  • The lightweight and wearable design of Mente, together with dry electrodes and wireless connectivity, is comfortable and safe to use.

Who can benefit?Research reported that:

  • an excess of Theta and Delta brainwaves can lead to inattention, impulsivity and hyperactivity, and a detachment from the outside world.
  • an excess of high Beta brainwaves can be associated with obsessing, over-focusing, anxiety, sleep and memory problems.

Mente is designed to help rebalance such brain dysfunctional profiles typically observed among neurodevelopmental disorders, like autism.

Are there conditions where Mente’s auditory feedback is not advisable?

  • History of epilepsy and /or sporadic episodes of epileptic activity.
  • History of hearing impairments or sensory sensitivities
  • Psychiatric and neurological conditions such as Rett’s Syndrome, Fragile X Syndrome, Childhood Disintegrative Disorder (CDD), Bipolar/Psychotic disorders.

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How does Mente work?

Mente’s closed-loop feedback facilitates adjustment of ongoing background brain activity without the user’s perceived attention or engagement. The process is effortless and intrinsic within the brain.

This makes Mente particularly suitable for use in children or people who may have difficulty with paying attention for extended periods, to follow instructions or to stay focused on brain training activities, such as video games.


How can Mente help?

Re-balance excessive brainwaves

Reductions in disruptive Delta, Theta and High Beta brainwaves were seen through EEG Analysis

Improve behavioural function

Questionnaires revealed improvements in executive function as well as significant reductions in autistic behaviour

Enhance sociability

Significant improvements in social skills and communication were reported by caregivers

Why Mente?

Integration into clinical practice

  • Mente ecosystem enables clinicians, professionals and experts in the field to remotely monitor their clients through a cloud-based clinician dashboard.
  • Professionals can keep track of patient’s progress, collect data, assess outcomes and personalise the treatment.
  • A more accurate prediction of treatment outcomes can be obtained via an initial brain mapping (qEEG), before starting with Mente.
  • Optionally, qEEG analysis and processing, including a final report, is available through the Clinical Dashboard.

Clinical evidence

Mente has already demonstrated its efficacy as a home-based tool improving behavioural issues and reducing stress-induced symptoms in an ASD population, which showed a specific dysfunctional neural profile (Carrick et al, 2018).

The study showed:

  • Significant changes towards normalization of Delta and high Beta in the Active group after a 12-week treatment and
  • Significant reduction of autistic behaviors, increase in sociability and overall improvement of cognitive abilities following the treatment in the Active group.

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