Autism Therapy at Home

Autism Therapy at Home – Easy to Use & Affordable

In extensive studies, children with ASD who are using our innovative autism therapy at home have shown remarkable improvement in their symptoms. Mente Autism is a 4-channel, EEG medical device that is used each morning for 40 minutes to help relax the minds of children with ASD. Since the most significant period of learning takes place in childhood, the optimal time to start using the system is between the ages of 3 and 12. The device can also be used as a therapy throughout a person’s lifetime, and over time, the brain will learn to adapt to a more optimal brain frequency activity and becomes calmer and more focused.

Autism Treatment at Home Offers Many Benefits to Your Child

The parents of children using the device typically report results can start to be seen after 4 to 8 weeks of daily sessions, but as each child is different, results vary from child to child. Benefits include an increased calmness and reduction in tantrums, longer periods of contentedness and an increased show of affection. Parents also report the child has a better acceptance of his/her peers and siblings as well as an increased respect towards them. Daily use of the device has shown an improvement in users’ vocabulary along with better communication skills and decision-making capabilities. Teachers also report improved academic results in children who are using the autism therapy at home or in school.

The system is for children who are within the Autism Spectrum Disorder, including Asperger’s Syndrome and Classic Autism and will easily integrate into your family’s daily routine. However, as the device plays auditory stimulation through the system’s headphones, it is not suitable for children with hearing loss.

Mente Autism was developed by AAT Medical, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Neurotech International, and is ISO 13485 certified and registered with the FDA. The device is also promoted by the Italian Red Cross and holds Class IIa CE Medical certification. Contact us to learn how the device can help your child, and please use our website as a resource.

The innovative Mente Autism system is a groundbreaking clinical-quality EEG medical device for home use. Affordable, easy to set up, and convenient to use, the device uses neurofeedback to help relax the minds of children within the autism spectrum. We encourage you to join the Mente community and to contact us for more information regarding a truly remarkable autism therapy at home.