When Can My Child Wear the Mente Autism Device?

There are a variety of therapy options available to individuals who have autism. These include cognitive behaviour therapy, parent education and training, social skill therapy, speech training, and many others. The Mente device provides children who have autism spectrum disorder with an additional form of therapy. One that can be used in addition to existing treatments.

Mente uses EEG (electroencephalography) monitoring to listen to a child’s brainwaves and analyse their unique cognitive signature. In a nutshell, the device uses this information to create a tailored sound-based therapy, which helps to relax the mind and rebalance excessive brainwave patterns. This encourages children to engage with and be receptive to their environment.

The Optimal Usage Time for Mente

The ideal time to use this device is in the morning only for 40 minutes. Using this equipment every day consistently without disruptions ensures that the participant benefits from the device. With persistent use and after a minimum of 4 weeks, users may notice positive behavioural changes, since neurofeedback requires a number of sessions to manifest results. However, some parents have reported changes after just a few weeks of sessions.

While the device is in use, the wearer can still participate in other activities, but minimizing movement is preferred. However, reading and activities that require a lower amount of physical activity is acceptable. Mente encourages concentration and invites children to be more involved with their surroundings. Many parents have reported increased attention spans and willingness to interact more often with family members and other children.

Developing a pattern or routine, where the child uses the device at the same time every day, enables the child to adjust to wearing the device. This kind of structure also limits fear or discomfort and instead establishes a sense of stability and order. Implementing a routine, such as the daily use of the device, motivates children to use it and encourages them to adapt more quickly.

Is Mente the Best Autism Treatment for My Child?

Mente is a remarkable device that is helping many children cope with the symptoms of autism. The ideal age for the use of this device is between 3 and 12 years old. To determine whether Mente may be right for your child, you can check their eligibility on our site.