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New subscription model and e-commerce platform for clinicians

Neurotech releases a new e-commerce platform and website to enable the subscription model for clinics prescribing Mente.

The release coincides with Neurotech’s launch of Mente in the UK in the second half of March 2019.  The company has commenced public and media relations activities, campaigns to boost awareness of Mente as well as digital marketing efforts to expand and enroll UK clinicians.

Neurotech is also in talks with existing regional distribution partners regarding new contracts based on the subscription model. The company has received positive feedback from many of these partners, confirming the new business model is a more attractive proposition for the clinicians prescribing it as well as easing the financial burden on families who need the device.

Roland Verment, Neurotech’s regional partner in The Netherlands, said: “The subscription model addresses several challenges I encountered in The Netherlands. The new pricing is good for clinicians who want to test a new therapy in their clinic without having to commit significant new capital. Families have told me that being able to test the device and pay for session bundles poses less of a financial risk than purchasing the Mente system outright. I am confident that the subscription model is a positive step forward for Mente and for our business as we build out a network of clinics in The Netherlands.”


The company also announced the release of the publicly available beta version of the Mente App for iOS, allowing Mente users to participate and beta test on their iPhone or iPad until the official version is available from the AppStore in April.

Participation in the public beta is open to current Mente users. Details on how to download the App are available on the website


The company has reconfirmed that Mente has been registered as a biofeedback device in the United States and that it continues to target its launch of Mente to US-based clinics for mid-2019.

Neurotech CEO and Managing Director Peter Griffiths said: “We have a very full agenda in the coming weeks and months as we work to directly launch the clinical subscription model in the UK and start to feed the learning from this into other regions. The availability of the Mente iOS app early next quarter is crucial for growth, as iOS devices make up a sizeable chunk of the market. This step will allow families to continue using their platform of choice, Android or iOS, without the need to change or purchase new devices.”