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Mente, the world’s only clinically proven stay at home therapy for ASD children, continues to build awareness in Europe

Neurotech International Limited (ASX: NTI) is pleased to announce it has now been added to the UK’s National Autistic Society’s ‘Autism Services Directory’ which is the UK’s most comprehensive directory of services and support for autistic people, their families, and people who work with them (

Malta-based Campus FM radio recently interviewed Neurotech International’s CEO, Peter Griffiths who spoke about Mente and its specific strengths as a proven stay at home therapy for ASD children at a time when governments are advising citizens to remain at home (

Mente has also been ‘Highly Commended’ for a Genius Within ‘Celebrating Neurodiversity’ award for assistive technology in the UK ( The award is for companies who have embedded technology in a way that creates a level playing field for neuro-diverse people.

Mente was nominated for the prestigious award by a multi-year user who said: “After 3 months the changes were clearly evident. My daughter was so much calmer and relaxed, she stopped slamming doors when angry and was at last able to take a breath when things didn’t go the way she expected. A therapist who has been working with my daughter for 3 years was stunned at the changes and rang to say ‘she’s very well regulated and relaxed, almost like a different child’.

Mente CEO, Peter Griffiths, said: “We are delighted to be raising awareness about the support that Mente can offer children with autism, particularly at this unprecedented time, with our autism therapy at home.”

An autism breakthrough, clinically proven Mente helps ASD children to learn to engage positively with their environment.

Mente is the world’s only personalised neurofeedback therapy clinically proven to help children with ASD self-regulate attention and mood. Mente is available through

About Neurotech

Neurotech International Limited is a medical device and solutions company incorporated in Australia and operating through its wholly-owned, Malta-based subsidiary AAT Research Limited. Neurotech’s primary mission is to improve the lives of people with neurological conditions, with a vision of becoming the global leader in home-use and clinical neurotechnology solutions that are both accessible and affordable. Through flagship device Mente and its associated platform, Neurotech is focused on the development and commercialisation of technological solutions for the screening and treatment of symptoms associated with conditions such as autism.

Mente is the world’s first home therapy that is clinically proven to increase engagement and improve relaxation in autistic children with elevated Delta band brain activity.

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