How Mente Helps Parents Stay Connected to Doctors

Autism is a neurodevelopment disorder that is characterized by difficulties in neural responses, social communication, and various behaviours. This disorder affects the brain’s ability to manage emotion, self-control, memory, and the ability to learn. Mente is a unique device that is designed to help manage the symptoms of autism. Individuals whose children have used Mente have commended it for its ability to notably enhance children’s communication skills, learning ability, concentration, and many other behavioural abnormalities marked by autism.

Mente Enables Children to Engage

The brains of children who have autism function differently. One variance that has been identified is the presence of high delta brainwaves, which are typically present during sleep. For those with autism, these delta brainwaves are mainly present when they are awake causing them to be reclusive and exist in their “own world” of isolation. Mente uniquely adopts an innovative system that studies the brain’s activity through electroencephalogram (EEG) sensors to detect excessive levels of brainwaves. Once identified, the device creates tailored auditory neurofeedback to communicate data to the child’s brain during the treatment session. With daily use and over time, the child’s mind becomes more relaxed and able to demonstrate increased communication and ability to focus.

How Does It Work?

Mente consists of a headband, a pair of earphones, and a cloud application. Upon starting a session, Mente pairs with the tablet or smartphone. Once connected, the session begins and initiates recording of the brainwaves, which can be viewed on the application. Using EEG (electroencephalography) monitoring, Mente is able to listen to a child’s brainwaves and analyse their unique cognitive signature. The device uses this information to create a tailored sound-based therapy, which helps to soothe the mind and rebalance excessive brainwave patterns.

Mente Uses Unique Technology to Keep Both Parents and Doctors Informed

This device enables parents and doctors to correspond effectively. It provides each party with a better insight into the child’s growth and advancement, keeping them equally updated. With Mente, parents remain in control and just as informed about their child as their doctor because of unlimited access to pertinent information.