Thank you for your interest in Mente.

As a Mente clinician, Mente is available in 2 models, both of which link directly to your Mente Clinical Dashboard.

Model 1: Already providing or new to Neurofeedback?

As a medical professional, you are eligible to purchase the ‘Clinician’ version of Mente. Include Mente as one of your in-house therapies, providing patients with easy to use neurofeedback.

Clinician model (offer shown below)

  • Purchased by clinician/ clinic
  • Unlimited Mente ReBalance Therapy Sessions
  • Option to add multiple users per device
  • Freedom to integrate model ‘in clinic’ or for ‘home use’ under exisitng billing or rental models
Model 2: Patient wants their own Mente?

Recommend the ‘Home User’ version of Mente to your patients, including your discount code provided upon sign up and also receive one-month’s free access to our clinical dashboard each time a patient registers.

Home model

  • Recommended by clinician/clinic and purchased or rented by parent
  • Monthly Subscription to Mente Rebalance Therapy
  • Single user per device
  • Clinician can integrate Mente as part of broader program of therapy
  • Favourable commission models (provided upon sign up)

Clinician Offer

Unlimited therapy included 

A special discount on Mente headband with unlimited access to the Mente ReBalance therapy and a 1-month free trial of the Clinical Dashboard.
The Clinical Dashboard provides you with a single place from which you can oversee all your patient’s data.

What’s included:

1 Headband
1 USB charger + Universal Adaptors
1 Carry Case
1 set of Earphones
1 set of Sensors
The Mente Application
Unlimited access to Mente ReBalance sessions
Introductory material
How to Videos
30-day money back guarantee
1 Month Free Access to Clinical Dashboard**


+ any applicable sales taxes


Feature image

“It has been a spectacular success. In just 12 weeks, she is a lot calmer, able to think more clearly and take a breath before a situation overwhelms her.” – Charlotte, UK, July 2019

The screenshot below shows how the Clinician Dashboard looks and how data is presented.
autism treatment

Clinical Dashboard Prices

The Clinical Dashboard provides you with a single place from which you can oversee all your patient’s data.

*1-month free access to Clinical Dashboard for each patient added
** Free access to Clinical Dashboard is provided upon purchase of first device only.

1 to 10 users
$39 per month

11 to 30 users
$59 per month

Unlimited Users
$89 per month

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autism therapy at home
autism therapy at home