A little something for you in this time of need

During these difficult times, we remain deeply committed to supporting you and your loved ones. The  Mente team recognises the challenges families are now facing and our goal is to continue delivering our award-winning therapy from the comfort and security of your own home.

Mente, the world’s only personalised neurofeedback therapy clinically proven to help children with ASD self-regulate attention and mood, has been designed to minimise any disruption to the user’s daily routine, allowing them to continue with activities (homework, reading, drawing etc) whilst still receiving the therapeutic benefits. Mente uses personalised audio feedback and earphones to gently guide the brain into a more relaxed state, allowing children to focus better and engage positively with their environment. Plus, your child can benefit from neurofeedback at home without having to travel and still be monitored by a physician! All progress and data can be shared with your clinician and integrated with other treatment programs as required.

As always, we remain dedicated to providing Mente’s at home therapy to all families in need across the world. To demonstrate our commitment during this unprecedented time, we are reducing the price of all Mente devices.

All Mente devices are 20% off using the following code: SAFEATHOME

Thank you for being part of our community and for your ongoing support as we universally work together to maintain the health and safety of our children, families and those that are dear to us.

Wishing you and your loved ones much love and wellness.

The Mente team

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