Workshop on workplace stress

18 April, 2016

AAT Research employees have attended a workshop on ‘stress in the workplace’. This workshop forms part of a series of practical and educational activities organized for AAT’s staff. It was held in AAT’s new offices.

The workshop was presented by Dr Anton Grech, one of Malta’s best-known psychiatrists and chairman of Malta’s mental health services. He is also a senior lecturer at the University of Malta.

In his presentation, Dr Grech spoke about the different types of stress and how stress manifests itself in people. He explained that stress is important in our lives but problems start when multiple stressful situations occur in succession, giving the body little time to recover from one stress incident to the next.

Dr Grech also provided tips on how to deal with stress, particularly in the workplace.

“Stress can be good but equally dangerous if not properly monitored and handled. As a fast-growing company, stress is something we all experience daily, so we wanted to help our staff understand a bit more what stress is all about, what causes it and, importantly, how to handle stress in their personal and social lives,” AAT’s Founder, Dr Adrian Attard Trevisan, said.