Practical Tips for Living with an Autistic Child

Chances are, you weren’t expecting to have a child that would receive a diagnosis that he or she is on the autistic spectrum, even though 1 in every 160 children globally have an autistic spectrum disorder (ASD). For parents, this diagnosis can drastically alter plans, and you work your hardest to make the best of the situation and ensure that your child can navigate the world as best as they possibly can.

Upon finding out that your child has an autism spectrum disorder, it’s important that you take the necessary steps to keep your household as efficient and comfortable as possible for all those who call it home. Use the following practical steps to living with an autistic child as a guide to how you can do just that:

  1. Ensure That Your Home is Sensory-Sensitive
  2. In a household, it’s easy to overlook just how many noises, vibrations, and visuals are in every space you live in. From alarms on doors to the phone ringing to the brightness of light during certain times of day, an autistic child’s senses can be overwhelmed depending on their sensitivities. Even things like strong-smelling chemicals used to clean can throw someone off and be too much for their senses to handle. This is why it’s vital that parents do all that they can to keep their home low on extra sounds and sights.

  3. Maintain a Routine
  4. Often, those who have autism spectrum disorders are sensitive to changes in their daily routine or surroundings. To keep your home as autism-friendly and comfortable as possible for your loved one with autism, do your best to keep a regular routine throughout your day to day.

    Try strategies like making a daily calendar that’s posted in your home, and include every different stage and “transition” moment of the day. From waking up to brush your teeth to putting on pajamas before bed, keeping a tight schedule can make home life comfortable for your child with an autism spectrum disorder.

  5. Provide Space for Relaxation
  6. This tip is for both you and your child with autism. Everyone needs time to relax, gather their thoughts, and explore their curiosities, so it’s vital that you allow yourself and your child time to relax at some point in the day. You can work time into your daily routine schedule designated as “me time.”

  7. Make Sure Your Grocery Lists Match Your Child’s Needs
  8. There are many things that can make your child with autism feel overwhelmed. When it comes to their food preferences, it’s vital that you keep foods that they enjoy on hand all the time so that they maintain a consistent meal schedule.

    When it comes to creating a living environment that works for your loved one with autism and the rest of your family, it’s not as difficult as you may think. By keeping a dedicated schedule and doing your best to minimize change, you can cultivate habits that satisfy everyone in your household.

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