Mission, vision and values workshop for AAT staff

28 July, 2016

AAT Research’s new corporate mission, vision and values were presented to staff during an interactive workshop.

The Mission and Vision of the company were presented by AAT’s CEO, Wolfgang Storf. He spoke of the importance of the corporate mission and vision and how they define the company internally and with external partners and customers.

The company’s corporate values – customer-focused/quality, collaboration, integrity and results-driven – were also discussed and employees provided commande viagra rapide their feedback in group sessions.

The workshop concluded with members of the leadership presenting the values in the context of employee performance and how these values are measured within a corporate structure.

“Our mission and vision are key to how we present ourselves to customers, partners and shareholders. The values are the pillars upon which our actions our built and every one of us at AAT lives these values on a daily basis. The workshop gave us the opportunity to listen to each other’s views and to understand how those values not only impact our work but also the mission and vision that we strive to achieve today and in future,” Mr Storf explained.