Mente user forum launched

19 January, 2016

Mente user forum has been set up to enable parents, carers and medical professionals whose children and patients use Mente to discuss and help and support one another.

The user forum – – is open to registered Mente users. It is an online platform where they can discuss the Mente system, share best practices and ideas and ask questions.

“We have seen how effective a discussion between Mente users can be; the insights they can give and their experiences are priceless, especially for someone who is new to Mente. The user forum aims to facilitate this knowledge-sharing experience,” AAT Medical’s managing director, Dr Adrian Attard Trevisan, said.

“We encourage all our Mente users to sign up and become active participants in the forum. We feel it is a great platform for them to support and help each other, and also share their personal experiences and problems,” he added.

Parents or medical professionals will need their Mente registration details to log in. Parents and carers are given the option identify themselves with their full names or with a nickname, if they prefer, while medical professionals are required to identify themselves as such. All posts are moderated to ensure that users have a positive experience.

To participate in the Mente User Forum, you can register here.

NOTE: This forum is not intended as a means of sending questions to the AAT team. AAT can be reached on