Mente discussions with medical professionals in Italy

30 June, 2016

In conjunction with PromoSalute, distributor of Mente in Italy, AAT has held a series of meetings with medical professionals and organizations in Italy.

Led by AAT’s CEO, Wolfgang Storf, and founder, Dr Adrian Attard Trevisan, the meetings focused on an ongoing pilot study using the Mente system, the next iteration of Mente as well as PromoSalute’s roadmap.

Mr Storf and Dr Attard Trevisan met with various medical professionals who have been using Mente as part of a pilot study. During their two-day visit, they met with OSA Coop doctors and the President of Consorzio C.A.P. Nazionale, Dr. Mario Sanfilippo, of which OSA Coop is a member. OSA Coop offers home assistance services in the medial sphere and runs two centres for children with autism.

They also met Dr. Paola Visconti, a child neuropsychiatrist at the Ospedale Maggiore in Bologna and head of the Institute IRCCS (Research Centre in Bologna). Dr Visconti has been chosen by the Associazione Nazionale Genitori Soggetti Autistici (the national association for parents with autistic children – ANGSA) to monitor the results of the pilot study of children with ASD using Mente.

A similar meeting was also held with Dr. Valentina Di Domenico, a psychologist who is coordinating the pilot study run by C.R.I. Rome Onlus. This pilot study, regulated by an operative protocol between C.R.I. Rome and PromoSalute, has enabled Promosalute to publicise and provide useful information about Mente to those families that are taking part in the study.

In addition, they also met Prof. Liana Baroni, national president of ANGSA, who signed a cooperation agreement with Promosalute.

“Our meetings in Italy have been fruitful and it was a great pleasure to meet both parents and medical professionals who have seen excellent results through the use of Mente. The parents of one of the children involved in the trial, Samuel, told us they were delighted that the therapy has helped their son a great deal and that they’d surely continue using Mente once the pilot study is over. We are also pleased to see that medical professionals were impressed with the results of the pilot study and are keen to extend the study,” Mr Storf explained.

The trip also provided the opportunity for AAT and PromoSalute srl to hold extensive discussions.