Mente Autism and neurofeedback discussed during autism event in Italy

11 November, 2016

Mente Autism and neurofeedback as a therapy for children on the autism spectrum was the highlight of an event held recently in Canosa, Italy.

During the event, ‘A day dedicated to autism’, AAT’s founder Dr Adrian Attard Trevisan spoke about neurofeedback and how the science can be used to help children on the autism spectrum. He talked about autism and how the condition manifests itself in children. During the event, Dr Attard Trevisan gave a demonstration of Mente Autism and what happens during a session.

The event was organised by Carmelinda Lombardi, from Lombardia Pharmacy.

During the event, regional councillors Francesco Ventola and Filippo Caracciolo described Mente Autism and neurofeedback as an ‘opportunity’ and they would be examining in more detail how the therapy could be distributed through the public service.

Also present at the event was Giancarlo Fabbi from Promosalute, distribution partner for Mente Autism in Italy.

‘A day dedicated to autism’ received considerable attention from the media in the region. Samples of media coverage are listed below: