International students visit AAT offices

30 August, 2016

An international group of students of physics recently visited AAT Research’s offices and were introduced to the company’s various research disciplines and laboratories as well as its sonified neurofeedback system Mente.

The visit formed part of the International Conference for Physics Students (ICPS) 2016. This conference is organized every year by a member society of the International Association of Physics Students (IAPS). This year’s conference was organised by physics students from the University of Malta.

The Malta Life Sciences Park hosted the conference and as part of their itinerary, the students toured the Park and AAT’s offices.

The students were briefed about the company’s history, focus, vision and the Mente system; how it works and the impact it has on children on the autism spectrum. AAT’s senior researcher, Dr Marco Rotonda spoke about the relevance of physics in neuroscience and the research under way at AAT.

The students were then given a tour of the audiology labs by Dr Andrew Sciberras. He spoke about the various tests that are carried out at AAT and how physics plays an important role when audiologists are diagnosing conditions of the ear.