Autism Breakthrough

Autism Breakthrough Using Patented Neurofeedback Technology

We invite you to learn more about Mente Autism, a major autism breakthrough treatment used to help manage the symptoms of ASD in children from the comfort of home. The portable device consists of a comfortable headband; an app that is downloaded to a tablet or smart phone; and a cloud component, and must be used every morning. The child does need to be connected to the app and internet but if the internet connection is strong can and should move around.

An Autism Breakthrough that Helps Children with ASD Be More Focused

Neurotech International’s innovative closed-loop technology creates “tailor-made” sonified neurofeedback that is played back to the user through earphones attached to the headband. The Mente Autism device includes five top-of-the-line sensors to ensure optimum quality EEG recordings. Since the sounds change according to the user’s brain waves, the sounds vary from person to person and session to session. The binaural beats stimulate and ‘teach’ the brain to promote the Alpha and Beta brain waves and to reduce the abnormally high Delta and Theta levels associated with ASD.

The result is the child’s mind becomes more relaxed, which helps them be more responsive, communicative, focused and interactive. Parents typically report positive changes can start to be seen in their child after 4 to 8 weeks. Also, after each session, the data is recorded and uploaded to the cloud and generates a detail report to allow parents and other authorized professionals to monitor results.

While Mente Autism is not a cure, it is a major autism breakthrough that has been shown to help reduce the symptoms of autism and make a positive difference to the user and their family. Furthermore, not only does the device help children diagnosed with ASD but also will give medical professionals clinical data for better analysis and monitoring of the treatment.

Mente Autism is a clinical-quality EEG medical device that is intended for home use. Easy to set up, convenient to use, and affordable, the portable device uses neurofeedback to help relax the minds of children on the autism spectrum. Please use our online resources or contact us to learn more about our unique therapy that represents a major autism breakthrough.