Autism Research

Autism Research – Real-time Neurofeedback Auditory Stimulation

A wholly-owned subsidiary of Neurotech International, the AAT Medical group’s focused autism research shows positive results using real-time sonified neurofeedback stimulation for the management and relaxation of children on the autism spectrum. Our team is comprised of a group of talented individuals ranging from scientists, engineers and researchers, to marketers and software developers. Along with widespread experience in internationally funded projects and collaborations, we are dedicated to our own research that focuses on improving the lives of people by developing and marketing innovative medical solutions for the treatment of brain-related disorders.

Autism Research: Study Shows Positive Results for the Management of ASD

Mente Autism is an affordable, wearable device for children with ASD designed to be used at home. The system, consisting of a headband, an app with a unique dashboard, and a cloud component; records brainwave levels in real time. The data is then stored on the device, analyzed and processed before converting it into tailor-made auditory stimulation, which is played back to the child through the earphones attached to the headband.

Our mission is to be a global leader in the field of neurophysiology by offering solutions suitable for home-use and clinics at affordable prices. Please contact us to learn more about our company as well as projects including our groundbreaking autism research.

Mente Autism is a clinical-quality EEG medical device designed for home use. Our safe, easy to set up, and affordable device uses neurofeedback to help relax the minds of children on the autism spectrum. Please use our extensive website as a resource or contact us to learn more about the latest autism research.