Article series on neurofeedback

1 January, 2016

What is neurofeedback? How does it relate to autism and how can it be used as a therapy for children on the autism spectrum disorder? These are some of the questions we answer in a new series on neurofeedback in the Autism Blog on

The articles break down the subject into four areas – background on neurofeedback, neurofeedback training or therapy, the different types of neurofeedback and the link between neurofeedback and autism.

“Neurofeedback is a very interesting area of study and for many years has been used to treat a variety of neurological conditions. Our new article series takes a look at the science and its application over the years. We also explain how Mente, our ground-breaking system uses neurofeedback technology to help relax the minds of children with autism,” Dr Adrian Attard Trevisan, CEO of AAT Medical, said.

“These articles, in addition to our five-part series on autism, form the basis of our repository of information that parents can access when they visit our website or after they have started to use the Mente System and want to learn more about the therapy and the science in layman’s terms,” he added.

You can access the articles by clicking here.