Improving people’s lives through neuroscience and medical technology innovations


We want to improve people’s lives by developing and commercialising innovative, high quality medical solutions for the diagnosis and treatment of brain-related disorders.

The AAT Research group of companies is a fully owned subsidiary of Neurotech International Limited, an Australian public company (ASX:NTI). We research, design, develop and manufacture quality medical solutions. With regulatory and quality systems in place and various international accreditations to our name, our purpose is to improve people’s lives though innovation in the field of neuroscience and medical technology. Our mission is to be a global leader in the field of neurophysiology by offering solutions suitable for home-use and clinics at affordable prices.

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Mente Autism holds CE Medical certification. FDA review of Mente Autism is under way. AAT is ISO 13485 certified.


Mente Autism: The origins of this technology to help provide children on the autism spectrum with a better future

Mente Autism, the company’s first product, was invented by Dr Adrian Attard Trevisan, the founder of the AAT Research group of companies. Dr Attard Trevisan is a neuroscientist who has been researching Autism Spectrum Disorder for a decade. His background in this field quickly became a key focus of the company’s work. He explains:

“The inspiration to create Mente wasn’t about surmounting the scientific challenge or a desire for fame. This is personal for me. When I was a student in Brittany, I stayed with a family. Their son had Asperger’s. I spent time observing him, trying to understand his behaviour. I wasn’t observing him dispassionately, like a scientist conducting an experiment. I was watching him carefully to see where and how I could help the boy – and my friend. I knew I had to help. And importantly, I knew I could. This is when I started to understand how neurofeedback could be key to helping my friend’s son, and others like him, to focus and better engage with the world. I knew about the limitations of neurofeedback – its cost and inconvenience. But Mente solves that because it’s affordable and can be used safely at home.”


My vision for Mente is linked to AAT’s vision: To help children with autism around the world by relaxing their minds with the goal of helping them to better focus and engage so they can enjoy improved lives and futures. If the vision sounds big, it’s because it is. We’re a small company with big dreams.