AAT CEO interviewed by Times of Malta

27 April, 2016

The Times of Malta has interviewed AAT’s CEO Wolfgang Storf. The article focuses on AAT’s plans for internationalisation and the direction that the company will be taking in the coming months.

Mr Storf told The Times that his appointment is “a great opportunity for me as I think AAT has a unique approach to problem solving in the field of brain stimulation and brain modulation. Brain imaging is a fast growing space with the development of solutions in the areas of depression, epilepsy, anxiety, autism and so on”.

He said the company is right at the beginning of its growth cycle, which makes it a very exciting and challenging time for him to be here. Mr Storf added that in his career to date, his main focus has been on growing businesses and transforming them into international organisations.

“This is one of my core goals for AAT,” he said.

AAT’s CEO said that his first focus is a 100-day plan to set the right priorities with regards to market attractiveness, so that AAT can decide which markets to target first in terms of size potential and barriers to entry.

“The product must have a wider reach to be able to benefit from economies of scale. We think that we will be ready to target new markets this year,” he said.